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Deprecated: Keanna's Will

Essa missão não está mais disponível no jogo
The Shattered Blade you found in Karazhan wants you to ask Koren to repair it. You'll also need to attain Honored reputation with the Violet Eye to complete this quest.
Lâmina Estilhaçada (Fornecido) (1)
O Olho Violeta (Honrado)


<As you touch the sword, you hear a female voice address you>

Ouch! Don't do that! Can't you see I'm in pieces? It really hurts.

I see that Karazahan hasn't trapped you. You must know about Kadghar and the Violet Eye then.

You're going to need to find someone who can put me back together. Koren... he was our agent once... he's nearby. I hope you're on our good side. If so, he can help!


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