Patch 7.3 Weapon Models

Transmog Weapon Suggestions for Tier 19 Armor

7.1.5 PTR: Profession Recipes and Blacksmithing Quests

New 2H Animation for Monks, 3D Armor Sets and Artifacts, Hunter Tames with New Models

6.2 PTR Weapons Preview: All Hellfire Citadel and PvP 3D Models

WoD Build 18764: 3D Models for New Weapons, Tier 17 and Season 16 Armor and Set Bonus Preview

Win A Fey Dragon, Weapon Model Video, Shadowmoon Valley Exploration, Old WoW Launcher Retiring Soon

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Patch 5.4: Siege of Orgrimmar and Season 14 Weapon Models

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Patch 5.2: Guide to Profession Changes

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5.2 Transmog Weapon Changes, Gallery of Main Hand Weapons Changing to One-Hand

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5.2 Crafted Vanity Items: Lightning-Forged Weapons, Engineering Pet