6.0.3 Hotfixes, ArtCraft, Site Updates, WoW Accounts Automatically Get MoP, Anti-Grind Mechanic

Blizzard Gear Giveaway, Garrison Invasion Mounts, Mission Database Improvements, Undelete Character

WoD Legendary Quest Video, Profession Guide & Garrison Database Updates, New Beta Build Soon

Site Updates, Mistweaver and Warrior Changes, Engine Evolution in WoD, Hogs Removed

Warlords of Draenor: New Transmog Gear, Garrison Calculator Updates, Tier 17 Itemsets, Blue Tweets

Introducing OAuth Login on Wowhead and Hearthhead


New Card Changelog Tab, Baron Rivendare Flavor Text Update, Plague Quarter Live in Europe


Naxxramas Class Challenges, Hearthhead Updates, and Deck Changes

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Site Updates to Item Data, Tooltips, and More; Significant Weekend Tweets

Introducing the Wowhead Subscription Program

More Wowhead Site Achievements!

New Site Features: Garrison Missions, WoD Stats, Character Planner for Gear and Guides

Introducing Wowhead's Design Revamp

Upcoming Wowhead Design Revamp

Wowhead Modelviewer Tutorial

New Site Feature: Warlords of Draenor Garrison Calculator

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New/Boosted Player Guide: Transmog Basics, Tools, and Guides

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Site Updates: Blue Tweet Tracker, Profiler Additions, Hearthstone Dust Costs

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News Roundup: Blue Tweets, Recent Hotfixes, Talk Azeroth ep29

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New Site Feature: Blue Tweet Tracker