New Site Feature: Class Guides Revamp, Spectral Tiger Giveaway

New Flying Tool: Draenor Pathfinder Completion, Comment to Win a Grinning Reaver/Mystic Runesaber

Hellbreach Guides for Hellfire Citadel, WoW in Hall of Fame, 6.2 Q&A Delayed

New Site Feature: Dressing Room Tool for Custom Transmog, Comment to Win a Mystic Runesaber Mount

Downtime Tuesday #17, New Garrison Threats Database, Selfie Scavenger Hunt Week 2

Wowhead Weekly #34, 6.2 Ship Database Live, Kael'thas in Heroes

New Site Features: Customize the Front Page Sidebar, Item Upgrades, Video Submissions, Asian Realms

New Site Feature: Transmog Set Images for All Races, Comment to Win a Grinning Reaver Mount

Friday Update Arcade, Popular Database Pages in Sidebar, 15% Off Blizzard Shop Apparel

New Site Feature: Check Today's Draenor Dailies on Wowhead's Front Page

New Profiler Feature: Pin Your Character, Get Gear Recommendations on Database Pages


Hearthhead Launches Guides: Deck Archetypes, Beginner Information, and More!

New Site Features: WebGL Modelviewer, Follower Tracking and Mission Calculator

New Site Feature: Garrison Follower Tracking and Mission Recommendations

New Site Feature: Track Your Toy Box with Wowhead's Profiler

January 9th Hotfixes, Big Crates of Salvage Stack, Blue Posts on Haunted Memento and Tier 18 Design

Follower Database Improvements: See All Potential Abilities for Followers, More Ability Filters

New Year's Eve in Azeroth and Wowhead's 2014 Year in Review

Character Planner Updates: Garrison and Profession Guide Recommendations

Warlords of Draenor Transmog Set Database and Guides Live