7.1.5 PTR: Build 23244 Spell and Legendary Updates

7.1.5 PTR: Hatching of the Hippogryphs Micro-Holiday

7.1.5 PTR: Love is in the Air Holiday Updates

Patch 7.1.5: Build 23194 Spell, Legendary, and Spec Aura Changes

7.1.5 PTR: Call of the Scarab Micro-Holiday

7.1.5 PTR: Build 23178 Spell Changes, Brawler's Guild Music, Changed Nighthold Loot Stats

7.1.5 PTR Feedback: Shadow Priests, Tanks in PvP, Communication, Upper Nighthold Testing, Sephuz's Secret

7.1.5 PTR: Profession Recipes and Blacksmithing Quests

7.1.5 PTR Feedback: Warlocks, Class Communication, and Nighthold Testing

7.1.5 PTR: Build 23109 Spell and Legendary Changes

PTR 7.1.5: Build 23109 Updates: Class Changes

Class Design on the 7.1.5 PTR, Mythic Keystone Leaderboards Now Available, November 22nd Hotfixes

Class Design on the 7.1.5 PTR

7.1.5 PTR: New Spell Animations, Artifact Knowledge Catch-Up, WoW Token for Balance

7.1.5 Holiday Updates: Micro-Holidays and World Events

Secret Endgineer Omegaplugg Boss, Patch 7.1 22864 Data Updates, New Blizzard Merchandise

Patch 7.1 PTR Preview: Profession and Blood of Sargeras Updates

Patch 7.1 Preview: New Dungeon Return to Karazhan

Arcane Woolomancer Appearance Found, September 30th Hotfixes, Karazhan Open for PTR Testing

7.1 PTR Build 22636: Auction House Improvements, Spell Changes and More